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If you’re reading this, you’re probably seeking help for yourself… or for someone you love… as they age. For the past 17 years, I’ve helped lots of people cope with the challenges of aging, keeping them safe, healthy and happy. Please, read on to learn how Surrogate Son can make the changes we experience as we age a bit less frightening and a bit more manageable. Again, help awaits you.

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I am an advocate and advisor.

I help older folks and families get the medical, legal and financial assistance they need to live with dignity. I’ve known the people who I call upon to assist my clients for decades. They are professional, dependable and courteous. I’m present when the other professional are, often acting as a ‘translator’ on complex topics.

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I am a good neighbor.

I’ll drop by a couple times a week, if needed. No problem at all! We help folks sell their homes to downsize, with a minimum of emotional turmoil. We’ll go grocery shopping for… or take clients… shopping. We accompany clients to doctor appointments if asked, frequently. We gladly pay bills and do mail triage… on those overwhelming days!

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I am a teacher.

So many older folks just need a little help buying the right computer so they can email their families. We help buy the low-tech systems they need and train older brains on how to use them properly. We are patient. We listen.

About Me

Over the years it became apparent to me that people need help in many ways. Older folks and busy families seem to be most in need of on-going assistance with aging and household management issues. I noticed other people were already providing various types of assistance. When I asked those other providers what made their services successful, the answer was always the same, 'I show up, on-time, every time.'

That didn't sound like a difficult business model to emulate. So, Surrogate Son was born out of these collected observations and my desire to keep people safe, healthy and happy.

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