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Surrogate Son® is a professional, fully-bonded family task service working within 100 miles of Rochester, New York, owned and run by me,      Ralph Ercolano.

I will, at your request, accompany your mother to the doctor, make dinner, help organize files and see to light maintenance chores... all on the same day if you like! I'll balance your checkbook, teach Dad how to use e-mail and then spend two hours on the phone with his bank and the Social Security people hunting down his monthly check. (We particularly enjoy our advocacy work...)

Do you live a distance from your loved ones?
I regularly look in on and assist local folks whose children and loved ones live, for example, in another state. I'll work with you, help define your family's needs and then see to it that they're well cared for, whatever their needs may be.

I'm happy to provide personal and professional references to help put your mind at ease. Again, Surrogate Son is fully bonded.


I am a 'retired' businessman who sold his financial services practice more than 17 years ago. I hold no licenses, but am still professionally designated as a Chartered Life Underwriter. (I mention this for purely historical and egotistical reasons.)

I'm also the former board chair of a medical not-for-profit agency here in Rochester.

For years I made my living doing the right thing for others. Because of that I've developed a reputation for honesty, competency and dependability. I back-up this claim by quickly providing you with both personal and professional references, should you desire them.

Over the years it became apparent to me that people need help in many ways. Older folks and busy families seem to be most in need of on-going assistance with household management issues. I noticed other people were already providing various types of assistance. When I asked those other providers what made their services successful, the answer was always the same, 'I show up, on-time, every time.'

That didn't sound like a difficult business model to emulate. So, Surrogate Son was born out of these collected observations and my desire to keep people safe, healthy and happy.



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