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Client Testimonials

Over the years, many grateful families have thanked Surrogate Son for outstanding service. Many of those comments are posted here. (More are posted on the Surrogate Son ‘Google My Business’ page, for your review.)


If you wish to see a list of professionals who routinely refer clients to me… and in some cases have hired me to help them with their own parents… just reach out on one of the Contact forms on this site. I’ll send you a list.

Tray of Food

Scott B., MD
Professor of Medicine and Global Health
University of Washington

When my old college friend in Rochester asked me to be his guardian, as I live in Seattle,  I worried I would never be able to manage it.  SurrogateSon was the perfect solution.  We had many challenges- bills to pay, social security letters to obtain, closing old credit card accounts, and preparing for a Medicaid application.  SurrogateSon’s high level of integrity and professionalism was just what was needed to handle, with compassion and sensitivity, the many personal and fiscal matters which came fast and furious for 9 months and then eventually quieted.    Throughout,  my friend maintained his dignity despite dealing with this difficult chapter in his life.  Thank you Ralph.

A few months ago, we asked Surrogate Son to help my parents with bill paying. It was the best move we could have made. Ralph uncovered a number of concerns my siblings and I had no idea existed. He is working with our family to address these concerns, both by tackling some of them himself and by teaching us how to handle them ourselves. He is transparent in everything he does for our parents and has excellent communication skills. We trust him completely and are grateful for his help.

L.H., Mendon NY

I have worked with Surrogate Son with many clients over these past 15 years. 
On each and every occasion, I found Ralph Ercolano a staunch advocate for my clients. Ralph has helped with many things and has, for all intents and purposes, acted as a son would toward his clients.


He has helped downsize a home to move the client into a smaller, easier-to-care-for residence, managed any repairs to the former residence, and helped arrange for the sale of the home. 

Ralph will accompany the client to the doctor, assist with advocacy in snaring promised Long Term Care benefits from recalcitrant insurance companies and help arrange care that is always in the best interest of the client. Additionally, Ralph helps folks pay bills and manage their checking account, always finding the right folks to help clients with their wealth management/monetary issues.

Ralph is a calm, considerate, trustworthy individual and always behaves in a very professional manner. I have not met one client who was unhappy using Surrogate Son services.

I highly recommend Ralph Ercolano, Surrogate Son.

Rene Ryan, President
The Bridges of Mendon, Mendon, NY


Ralph Ercolano has been a dear friend for over twenty years. I can't endorse his heart or his character highly enough. I would trust him with my own parents. Check out his website if your parents could use some help and/or advocacy.

J.H. Rochester, NY

If the time comes when an adult child is looking for someone to assist a parent with some tasks, finding such an assistant with the necessary qualifications of honesty, responsibility, empathy, and friendliness will be an easy endeavor by calling Ralph Ercolano, the “Surrogate Son”.

F.G. Webster, NY

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